Lord, Hem Me In

January 04, 2020 1 Comment

Lord, Hem Me In

"You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me." Psalm 139:5

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends!

I was pondering on Psalm 139:5 this morning and just wanted to share this bit of encouragement the Lord filled my heart with! If we did not put hems in our clothing things would fray, unravel and fall apart. Much like a seamstress strategically hems her clothing - God sews hems in our lives to cover our mistakes from the past with Christ's blood and secure our future in His sovereign hands. We only have to live in today because time is in His hands and who better to put our trust in but the omnipotent God. God has sewn hems for us today, so we don't have to unravel or fall apart. Today has been tailored by the expert seamstress of our lives! We just have to surrender over our will and put our trust in Him and praise Him for His present and perfect care! Thank you Lord for laying your hand upon our lives and hemming us in, behind and before! 


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Sandra Buckman
Sandra Buckman

January 04, 2020

Profound and very meaningful! Thank you for this insight. I always loved putting in the hem when I was in sewing class as it signaled the end of my labor. When God hems us in it is a beginning and not the end. I love that!!!

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